Brecciated Jasper – Creation Rising

Brecciated Jasper – Creation Rising #008 © 2017

Brecciated Jasper is the inspiration behind this abstract piece. My goal was to create an energetic impression of Brecciated Jasper with its striations of hematite with red tones and dark bands. This piece was inspired by a specimen of Jasper which is primarily deep red and orange, veined or patterned with brown and beige with clear crystalline quartz inclusions. It is my hope that the beauty of this gemstone and its warm energy is felt by the viewer as a rising creative flame. The signed original new media painting is rendered in Giclee on archival quality heavyweight photo paper (24″ x 36″) and may displayed in either portrait or landscape orientation.

Keywords:  abstract, beige, red, tan, warm, Jasper, gemology, crystals, gemstones, geology, gold, gray, orange

Buy original or prints: Brecciated Jasper – Creation Rising #008


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