Larimar – Sea of Consciousness #005

You are not a drop in the ocean . . .
You are the entire ocean in a drop.  Rumi.

Larimar – Sea of Consciousness #005 © 2016

Medium:  New Media Giclée on Paper

It portrays: Abstract, relevant to: sea, blue, teal, water, crystals, larimar, abstract, gemstones, geology, meditation, mystical, ocean

Inspired by the gemstone, “Larimar – Sea of Consciousness” is part of the Crystal Visions Abstract Art Collection (#005). Waves of rhythmic ocean hues reflect the elegant features of the naturally occurring gemstone Larimar, found only in the Dominican Republic, reminding us of a tropical Caribbean paradise.

Larimar is a rare and beautiful semi-precious stone which can only be found in the Dominican Republic.  In 2016, for the first time ever, I ventured out of my home country for a visit.  And I had decided before leaving that I must not return home without a piece of Larimar for my rock collection.

I absolutely love this rock!  Her harmonious rhythm of blues and greens so perfectly matches the ocean, my mind is swimming every time I touch it.  I look upon it and I am captivated once again by the infinite depth of tranquil Caribbean waters.

It is this rock that inspired me to begin my crystal artwork.  I thought, “If I could somehow capture the feeling of this rock (and others), I would share it.”  So I began painting abstract impressions of my rock collection.  And, although I kept her close, Larimar was not my first creation in the Crystal Visions art series.

When I began, I wasn’t entirely aware of my direction.  At first, I played a little with my acrylics on canvas.  But my Crystal Visions art collection awakened, and I chose to expand my media choices rather than limiting them.  By the time I’d found my “voice”, Larimar was to became the fifth piece in the series.

“Sea of Consciousness”

This I know
that I am –
Just one person
in the sea
of humanity

And one wave
etches stone –
So also I
send out waves
of constant changing

© 2016.  All Rights Reserved.




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